You Won’t Believe The Gratitude Dance

You Won’t Believe The Gratitude Dance

Today’s BrightSpot!

Feeling less than joyful today? 

Take a look at how one man’s dream to create joy has already touched millions of lives. You Won’t Believe The Gratitude Dance! He has even recruited a sponsor to fund his project! Think about what you could create that would spread joy, to one person or to many. Remember that his dance began with baby steps and now look how great a dancer he is…..

This man and his dance inspire me to get up and dance, in other words to be an active participant not a bystander in life. He reminds me to be grateful everyday for everything and everyone that bring goodness into my life.

On the days I am feeling a little down, I know firsthand that the fastest way for me to feel better fast is to focus on something to be grateful for. How blessed am I to have a healthy body that moves without restriction or pain. How appreciative I am to do work I enjoy. Most important I look around at all people who love me who I love in return. That’s a gift I don’t ever take for granted. What is there for you to appreciate right now at this moment?

I know many people who keep a daily gratitude list. Honestly, I’m not one of them. Whether you decide to write down what you’re grateful for or not, I think all that matters is that we acknowledge our blessings to ourselves share our joyful energy with others. That’s contagious!

This video shows that with enough energy and guts, all dreams are possible and each of us can do our part to do something positive for the world. Enjoy!

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