The Why of Marlene

The Why of Marlene

Our Mission: 

To Help People Lighten Up By Providing”Something To Feel Good About Now.”

The Problem is, Life is Hard. The Solution is, to Lighten Up!

It seems like magic, I’ve found a way to thrive and be really happy most of the time. It’s surprisingly simple. I look for “something to feel good about” in the moment, no matter what the circumstance.

I wasn’t born with this optimistic perspective, of always seeing the glass half full. It’s been cultivated and honed through many less than happy, at times traumatic life experiences. Today I know that when I am worried, anxious, or fearful, I can choose to feel better faster, when I focus on what I call the BrightSpot.

My way of feeling empowered is to look for the beauty, the grace and the good in everything, that’s the BrightSpot. Especially helpful during times of change, loss and uncertainty, BrightSpots are my guiding lights. They provide the bridge to a happier, less stressful and healthier life. This simple pratice has become my way of living. My joy is to share what I’ve learned with you and to provide an oasis for us all to lighten up.

Extraordinary lives can be measured by the sum of the little choices made everyday. Big events and special moments are rare. It’s all the little things throughout the day that I savor, that make it a day worth remembering.  Each moment with the people that surround me and the places I visit are meaningful. How I choose to experience each of these moments, day-by-day, creates the quality and texture of my life.

Everyone of us experiences heartache in our lives. It may seem difficult to find at first, but BrightSpots are everywhere. It’s like panning for gold, sometimes we have to dig deeper to discover the golden nugget, the gift in any situation. My greatest losses have somehow turned out to be amazing presents even when they seemed to be wrapped in barbed wire. One thing I know for sure is that nothing changes without first touching the heart, breaking it, and sometimes shattering it. Re-esembling the pieces with a positive outlook is the ability to create a BrightSpot.

A moment of joy, a sigh of relief, knowing that you are loved, feeling hopeful, these are soulful states where the heart resides. There is enough misery in the world, we can spread joy, love, and hope daily. In discovering the Brightspots for yourself, you can be the Brightspot for someone else. We are all in this together, so join me, let’s find them and make this world a little brighter when we pass them along…………

With Love, Light and Laughter