Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Something to FEEL Good About Now!

Are you someone who loves the status quo, or do you welcome unexpected surprises? Check out this Coca-Cola Happiness machine that totally surprizes these students!

I find most of my happiest moments have occurred with very little or no planning. Today the happiness machine lives in me, and I choose to activate mine by generating spontaneity for myself and others. Once you see the joy you can create in the moment you’ll want to generate more of it for yourself and everyone around you.

The truth is that I used to hate change because I was afraid of the unknown. I gave that up once I realized I had very little control over anything except myself and my attitude toward just about everything. Now I actually welcome surprises! I love living in the present moment and with that always comes lots of magically unexpected events and gift.

Here’s what I mean. I suffered from analysis paralysis… Should I do this, what if I don’t do that? In other words over thinking and self-doubt were joy killers for me. Then I learned to trust my instincts more and to go with my heart and my gut rather than my head. Yes, I still think things through, but I no longer dwell in uncertainty. I jump in and play! Once I make a decision I don’t second guess myself I make the best of it. And then if need be I make the better of it along the way, until everything turns out well in the long run.

If uncertainty makes you feel insecure and anxious, why not try looking at change from a different perspective. Greet the unknown with excitement and let spontaneity, growth and expansion allow you to feel totally alive. I think you’ll find a lot more to enjoy. Practice until you become a happiness producing machine!

What’s something in your life right now that’s weighing you down? Try this. Write it down on a piece of paper, read it a couple of times and then destroy it. That’s right! Rip up that paper, burn it or flush it. It no longer exists now for you. Instead, you have the opportunity to create something completely new.
Take that same situation and generate a happy perspective and a bright outcome. That’s what it means to become your own self-generating happiness machine.
Keep this up everyday and I promise you’ll get really good at it. Enjoy!

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