Marlene’s Welcome

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s learning to dance in the rain!”

Hi, I’m Marlene and my passion is to find BrightSpots to share with you. Watch this short video, and you’ll understand.

Picture a rainy day with a street full of people carrying raised Black Umbrellas. You’ve been there, right! What if there was just one Yellow Umbrella in the sea of blacks? Wouldn’t it give you a smile? That’s a BrightSpot!

You can be that person who carries the Yellow Umbrella. It all begins when you adopt a positive attitude. Focus on the good things in your life, no matter what the circumstances. I promise you will live a happier and healthier life… I’m here to help you find your BrightSpots and share them with others!

Originally from New York City, I’m now happily creating the life I love in Scottsdale AZ, with my husband Robert and our three cats, Bliss, Gypsy, and Zac. I invite you to join me and enrich your life and the lives of others across the globe as we create OurBrightSpot community together. From my heart to yours, Thank YOU for participating.

With Love, Light and Laughter