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Chocolate & Compliments

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Want to create instant repoire with a person regardless of how difficult they might be? Here are two suggestions that most often do the trick.

“If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend.” Abraham Lincoln

Elizabeth faced a challenge at work. She needed to persuade her resistant co-workers to fulfill a survey. After giving it some thought she came up with a very workable solution; she discovered that Chocolate & Compliments work.

I meet lots of strangers every day, and its part of my job to allow them to feel at ease and find a way to connect with them. I look for a common thread in our conversation; I also offer them a piece of chocolate, and a cup of tea, or coffee.

I’ve found that in most cases, even if they don’t accept my offer everyone is receptive to the offering. It’s become my simple way of acknowledging them and enabling them to feel that they matter, after all everyone wants to be seen and appreciated. I never would have known that this small sincere gesture of offering a piece of chocolate or a few kind words of praise could matter that much had I not seen the results for myself so many times.

Next time you want to influence someone, instead of trying to convince them of anything, try using Elizabeth’s tactic. Let them know you have a sincere interest in them. Whether it’s a chocolate or a compliment, showing you care will go a long way toward changing a stranger into a friend.


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