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Couldn’t Forget His Dogs

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Have you ever received a gift that was given with very little thought and emotion and it left you feeling empty? In contrast has someone given you something of little material value such as their time, attention or caring that touched you deeply filling your heart to overflowing?

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” 
Khalil GibranThe Prophet

When Jennifer noticed a homeless man with his dogs she could have turned away. Instead she asked “what can I give?” The cost was very small; the price of a soda. She might have offered any size but she purchased the largest one and then Couldn’t Forget His Dogs so went back for water.

Jennifer’s story touches me because it’s not what she offers but that she gives it with a full and loving heart. Her generosity of spirit is what counts and it’s that energy that resonates with the man and his dogs. The result is like a boomerang effect when his happiness bounces back to touch her with his gratitude.

During an especially difficult time in my life a met a stranger named Nancy who instantly became a very close friend. After a brief conversation about hitting hard times in our lives, she surprised me by sending a gift to my work place. It had arrived on my day off and when I saw it I was moved to tears. It was a book from her own library that she had lovingly wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon and an artificial flower. Attached was a personal hand-written note. The book was called Broken Open and it was the perfect gift for the perfect time in my life.

Nancy’s gift cost very little, it was a book for me to borrow and return. The package and her card said it all. Here was a woman who really understood and cared. How could I be anything but touched, moved and inspired by such a lovely and loving gift. To this day we remain close friends and her gesture is one I will never forget. Something so simple reminds me that when I am stuck with wondering what to give and feeling a strain on my pocket book, I need to let go of the struggle and remember how something very simple that cost very little made such a huge difference for me. Nancy’s give to me is Priceless………

Some of the best things in life are free, or in this case cost very little and yet they make a tremendous difference when given as an act of love. Next time you offer something put your heart into it. Everyone knows and feels the difference when giving is an act of love rather than one of  obligation. Feel good about giving and others will feel fantastic about receiving anything you are offering them. In my experience, i’ts never the gift that matters most, it’s always the intention with which it is given.

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