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Music Is The Universal Language

Music Is The Universal Language

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“Music is the universal language of mankind.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Want to know a sure way to reduce stress, alter your mood, increase your well being and lift your spirits? Listen to some music! Your choices are limitless, just get out of your head and get into the beat, the melody, the lyrics and the rhythm. There’s no way you can feel bad when a great set of head phones is replacing those troubling thoughts with the magic of music!

The day we met, Mary Ann and I formed an instant connection through our mutual love of music. Our bond was forged when she took the time to lovingly create a few CD’s of her favorite songs to share with me. When she sent this video about cows, I have to admit I was baffled. But these cows prove what I believe to be true; all creatures respond to and connect to the vibrational sounds of music.

Music plays a major and crucial role in our everyday lives. We hear a specific song or instrumental and are instantly transported back in time and place. Aware of it or not, we are always listening; in our cars, during work hours, in elevators and even while waiting on the phone. We depend upon music to soothe us when we are upset, to relax us when we feel anxious and to lift our spirits when we feel down. There is no easier way to change your mood then to tune into a rhythm that makes you want to dance or a melody that moves you to sing.

Just like the cows in this video, we all feel a strong attraction and an instant unspoken level of trust with musicians. Cows can’t sing or dance but something inside them tells them that music is something powerful to be enjoyed. It is the universal language with healing power to bring us all together in a heartbeat.

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