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Letters Can Be Little Miracles

“Today’s BrightSpot!”

When was the last time you jotted down a few kind words just to say thank you or to uplift someone’s spirits? Who might really appreciate receiving a note from you today?

“In an age of emailing, texting and social media, sending real handwritten mail, both personally and professionally, is more important than ever.” – Kyle Eertmoed

When Linda wrote a few uplifting words and passed them on in the form of a small hand written note, she had no idea of the impact they would have. She soon learned that Letters Can Be Little Miracles, especially when the words are loving and caring. Her story is very simple. Words count.

Today handwritten notes and letters are especially powerful because most of us seldom take the time to write them.

This makes me wonder if sending a handwritten note is a dying art? I hope not. I personally love old-fashioned calligraphy and envy those people, like my friend Nancy, who create gorgeous flowing swirls in her script. My writing on the other hand is uneven. I can’t seem to stay in one form; instead I drift from writing to printing and back again. But having a lousy handwriting doesn’t stop me.  I know it’s far more important what words I choose than how they look on the paper. In many cases I’ve found my words mean more to the person I write them for than my actual gift…. In fact the best part of the present for them is the words.

For my sister’s recent birthday I bought her a multi-stranded gorgeous bracelet and found a sentimental card. But what moved her most where the handwritten words I wrote to her. I watched as her eyes welled with tears because it was these simple words “I’ll always be there for you,” that were the best part of my gift for her.

Maybe you can relate to this.  It seems I have so little time in my busy day that stopping to write a few heartfelt words for someone sometimes feels like a chore. I don’t know how that happened but I decided to re-frame the way I look at this. Instead, finding the time to connect to and acknowledge someone I care about is never a burden, it’s a joy. Here’s why.

In my experience every time someone gives me a few handwritten words in a greeting card or scribbled hastily on a note I am deeply touched. I’m especially grateful to my friends who send me a birthday card or gift me with a book with a personal dedication inside the front cover. Proof to me that giving and receiving written words of acknowledgment, comfort or praise is a demonstration of love. Why not return the favor and offer someone else that same great experience?

So if you ever wonder if your words count, think of Linda. Remember to choose your words carefully and even better pass them on in writing to create miraculous results!

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