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A Little Peace & Quiet Meditation

A Little Peace & Quiet Meditation

Something to FEEL Good About Now!

Looking for A Little Peace & Quiet? Have you ever heard the sound generated by a Tibetan Singing Bowl? Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about so let me introduce you to the world of magical musical treats you can explore. Calm your mind and relax your body through meditation by using a singing bowl to focus your thoughts and feelings into the present moment.

Whether you practice Yoga or meditation or nothing of the kind… There’s no doubt that most people respond positively when they hear the spiritual chime of the bowl. I begin my day, end my day and even several times during the day, bring myself back to center in the present moment, by ringing my only 3″ in diameter little bowl. For me it has become a tool that I use daily and incorporate into my life at home and at work. I want to share this with you because I am seeing more and more how mediation, and centering myself with this simple of act of ringing the Tibetan Bowl make a difference for me. It may do the same for each of you.

Here’s a little history. The Tibetan Singing Bowl dates back over 3000 years, originated in Asia and spread worldwide as a tool for meditation, relaxation, music and well-being. It’s actually a bell that creates a unique vibrational frequency that resonates within the body…. Physics continues to connect western and eastern medicine, ideas and practices to show that certain sounds activate and heal specific chakras, energy centers in the body. There are 7 chakras, each has it’s own specific resonating sound, just like notes on a musical instrument.

Singing bowls are used today to promote mediation, relaxation and personal well-being. They treat cancer patients, post traumatic stress disorder and most of all help to relieve stress.A wide a range of health professionals, musicians, school teachers and spiritual leaders use them especially to facilitate group activities, focus attention and as a signal to begin and end periods of silent mediation.

It’s common to take a yoga class and have it begin and end with the ringing of the bell. Each bowl produces a unique sound that can not only be heard it can also be felt in the body. Close our eyes, and ring the bowl… all I ask is that you put your feet on the ground and take a few deep breath. RELAX……….

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