What Men Need To Know About Women

What Men Need To Know About Women

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Having trouble communicating with your partner?

Sometimes it seems like no matter what I say or how many times I try to explain myself, my husband doesn’t seem to understand my point of view. He wants to jump in and try to fix whatever is bothering me, when all I really need is for him to just listen…

This was frustrating for me until I understood that his way of helping me is by solving the problem. This is his way of demonstrating concern and showing me his love. On the other hand, for me, just being heard and understood makes me feel loved. How do we find common ground? It’s through learning and practicing better communication.

It’s funny how different men and women are, and yet it’s those differences that we depend upon and need most in each other….I’m learning to appreciate what my partner has to offer when I need his help, and I’m getting a lot better at sharing with him, just what I’m looking for so it can be a loving connection for both of us. Sometimes finding the loving connection is not about having the same point of view; it’s about coming from very different places and loving each other anyway.

This video says it all! Take a look and enjoy…What Men Need To Know About Women!

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